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Brazilian Cat Litter Biodegradable

We love pets, just as you do!

About Hus

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Our commitment is to supply the market with a brand that genuinely cares about the pet's health, while at the same time simplifying life for pet parents. Our products are meticulously manufactured with raw materials from reliable sources, the result of carefully developed processes, ensuring high performance, combining quality, safety, comfort and practicality in a single proposal.

The abundance of Brazilian natural resources in our products.

Brazil is a rich source of natural resources, cultivated with the most advanced agricultural technology. And, we are always looking for high quality solutions allied with sustainability.

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Corn Cat Litter Biodegradable

  • Produced from corn, this option offers high absorption and odor retention;

  • 100% natural and sustainable;

  • Its light color assists in monitoring the health of the animal's urine;

  • It forms instant, firm clumps, which can be discarded as plant fertilizer;

  • Does not stick to paws;

  • Packaging with a ziplock system for safe and practical storage, as well as a stand-up pouch design, allowing the product to stand upright on shelves and in cabinets.

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Wood Cat litter Biodegradable

  • Our wood pellets were designed in paper packaging, reinforcing our commitment to sustainability.

  • Our wood is distinguished by the purity of its granules, which are clear, made from virgin pine wood and free of dust and glue, ensuring the respiratory health of both pets and their parents.

  • Quickly absorbed and easily decomposed, it is the ideal choice for pet parents who prefer a product that doesn't clump;

  • Our product is non-toxic, without chemical additives, does not stick to paws and does not cause dirt. 

  •  It is 100% natural and biodegradable, and can be discarded as plant fertilizer.


Private Label

Hus quality linked to your brand!

We are ready to be your strategic partner, adding quality products to your exclusive brand.

By contracting our Private Label solutions, we offer you a collaborative and transparent partnership. Our specialized team will work hand in hand with yours, providing all the necessary support from creation to delivery, ensuring a personalized and efficient process.


I wish Hus quality for my brand!

White Label

With our solid experience in this business format, we can customize solutions to meet your specific needs, allowing you to quickly introduce high-quality products to the market using your own structure.

We are ready to help take your brand to next level!

Let's together make the planet a more sustainable place. Contact us and join this mission.

Thanks for submitting!

Hus Brasil - CNPJ 39.469.795/0001-17

Rua Alfredo Constantino Moro, 362, Cidade Industrial de Curitiba, Curitiba-PR, 81.260-430 Brazil

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